Here at the Buck Inn we like to think of ourselves as being at the heart of the community. And it seems that this has been the case for longer than we ever imagined. One of our regulars, a charming lady by the name of Carol, has been doing some research on the village of Maunby and she was kind enough to share some of her findings with us.

Going back as far as the early 19th century, there are records showing a pub on this site in the village. Take a look at this 1841 census return – in the bottom right of the page shown, you can see that John Humphries is listed as “Publican”…

Extract from the 1841 Census


As well as being a pub, The Buck Inn also played host to the village blacksmith’s shop right into the 20th century. In the 1920s, a gentleman named Chris Long moved to Maunby from Husthwaite. Chris was from a family of blacksmiths and obviously had a “bi-modal income stream” as management consultants nowadays might say… where better for the farmers to wait whilst their horses were being shod than in the pub next door to the smithy? A bit like having a pub inside the local branch of Kwik Fit! No breathalysers back then!

It goes back further than this though. In the census of 1881, The Buck Inn was occupied by William and Elizabeth Thomson. William is listed in the census as the Innkeeper, but there was also a forge on the site at that time too with the blacksmith being listed as John Cotton. We currently have no idea as to the precise location of the old blacksmith’s shop at the Buck Inn, but given that it was in operation well into the 20th century it’s easy to believe there are some photos out there somewhere – we’ll keep looking!

The walls of the bar at The Buck Inn are decorated with records of social events held in the village dating back almost a hundred years. Many of the surnames listed in the records of quoits matches and so-on are still surnames found in the village of Maunby to this day… we feel proud to be the custodians of this kind of heritage. We are also keen to find out more, so if you have any old pictures of The Buck Inn, or information about the history of our lovely pub, then why not drop by and share what you know with us over a pint or two. Better still, you could sample some of our wonderful Yorkshire cooking in our restaurant. Rest assured, whatever it is that brings you to our door you can be sure of a warm Yorkshire welcome, just the same as all our visitors have experienced since Queen Victoria was on the throne… and perhaps even before that!

Sorry, but we are unable to offer your horse a new set of footwear these days though 🙂